We are professionals from the language teaching and translation world

with more than 30 years of joint experience in the private and business language education. Through the years, we’ve been developing and successfully implementing our NESflex concept. This means that we identify your language needs and translate them into actions. With NESflex we always adapt and personalize your language experience.


We identify your needs and translate them into actions.


We adapt our content and methodology to your interests and specific needs.


Our programs and services are specifically thought of for people with different needs, from a personal to a professional standpoint.

Business English

(for executives)

The student of Business English will be able to present topics and data in business conferences with confidence and fluency, as well as discuss them for critical decision making in a business environment. We focus on current issues in the world of business, leadership, executive-level presentations, and conferences, etc.

Design of personalized and tailor-made English courses

Do you have specific English learning needs? We prepare a special curriculum for you! Whether on a personal level or for groups.

Business Reading

(Intermediate and advanced level)

This course includes 10 economics and business lectures. The three main topics in this course are corporate responsibility, privacy, and entrepreneurship. Students practice through discussion and debate using these topics while learning and reviewing upper-intermediate vocabulary.

Diverse group of businesspeople laughing together during an office meeting
Academic Writing
This course for English learners will help you develop the language necessary to get a job and be successful in your job.


Conversation Groups
We approach real life and general interest topics that are adequate for participants. This portrays a fun and effective way of practicing and developing communicational competencies.
Cultural Immersion
Learning a new language does not only imply learning to speak, but also to comprehend people who use the language, as well as their society’s historical, cultural and political context.
Course and Workshop Design
We personalize and design the content for our courses and programs, based on your specific needs. Personalization is our specialty!!

How do we do it?

01. Taylor made diagnosis
We evaluate your personal and/or business needs in preparation for our educational proposal.
02. Personalization and Design
We adapt our content and methodology to your specific needs and interests.
03. Individualized Proposal
We elaborate our content and teaching strategies to your specific needs by adapting your schedule load and making it more flexible.


We are an active tribe and are interested in real life and current topics. That is why we share relevant news and our achievements with you.